Asynchronous versus board game

The sound is heard during the game.

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Version 0.09.01(b)
Last Update 2019-04-20


Key operation

Game pad can be set from "Config" in the game.

Find capsules! It's Raid!

Let's save resources with capsule get!

Do not forget to set up layers and protect capsules in the field!

Cards are important to raid and defend the field!

Easy! What? Just use the SNS account to authenticate the application.
(※ Currently only twitter.)


Devices without keyboard (smartphone) are not supported.

Recommended browsers are "Chrome" and "Firefox". Other than that, we do not recommend operation.

Because of one person's body, it may not be able to respond to system trouble. Please acknowledge it.

We can not assume any responsibility in any damage by this game.

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Michael Hillard